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Master's Degrees


  • 5th On-line Master's Degree in Leadership & Public Management

The University of Alicante aims to contribute to the processes of modernisation and institutional strengthening of governments and public institutions, as well as to achieving highly specialised training in political leadership. Students will gain the knowledge, techniques, tools, methods and instruments to achieve successful political leadership and highly qualified in political and administrative institutions management  at all levels.
The Master's is also intended to meet training demands in the field of public institutions, political parties and the third sector, in terms of management and organisation, from a realistic perspective in line with the changes required by the public sector, within the context of the knowledge and information society. 
Finally, it aims to teach students to design strategies and pose solutions to the issues raised at the courses, providing the most modern methods and tools for analysing and solving problems.


The Master's is a University of Alicante-only course where students are offered  a unique and novel opportunity to qualify themselves in public management, at all levels to restore credibility, establish new forms of public management that enables co-responsibility between governors and the governed.
Students will be offered training, knowledge, tools, techniques and public ethics aimed at public positions to provide them with the confidence to carry out their job and restore the lost legitimacy.

University Institute for Social Studies on Latin America

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