Since its foundation in 1979, the University of Alicante has devoted some of its teaching and research activities to Latin America and the Caribbean. It also has an Ibero-American Campus to coordinate the work of lecturers and research groups in this vast region of the world, as well as a centre in Old Havana as part of the Havana Project institutional action. The University has established partnerships and cooperation agreements with over 150 higher education institutions.

In this context, the University of Alicante’s Institute for Social Studies on Latin America (IUESAL) was created as an official centre to promote multidisciplinary research in different fields of the social sciences and the humanities, with a focus on Latin America. IUESAL aims to substantially improve academic training activities, scientific research, research transfer to Latin American societies and interuniversity cooperation.

Accordingly, IUESAL offers a wide range of postgraduate courses (onsite, online and blended), its own PhD programme and a large number of prestigious research groups and networks, both national and international, which undertake high-quality research and cooperation projects through competitive processes. More than 70 researchers are IUESAL members and the Institute has 15 active research groups, with an established presence in most Latin American countries.

Our goals are to meet academic demands from both sides of the Atlantic, contribute to a better understanding of Latin America here and facilitate knowledge creation, development and transfer through all kinds of research and social innovation projects. As a public institution, we aspire to fulfil the key role society expects us to play: social development and progress, especially in Latin American societies.